Wednesday, February 12, 2014

How To Deseed, Cut, Chop, Dice, Slice, and Peel Tomatoes

Such a great and informative video! 'Monkey See' shows us all the basic techniques for tomatoes including how to properly cut open an Italian (great for homemade sauces and salsas) and Hot House tomato (great diced for taco night) and how to de-seed them (the insides can be used in homemade salsas), how to chop and dice tomatoes, how to slice a Beafy tomato (perfect for meaty hamburgers and sandwiches), and how to peel tomatoes (stewed tomatoes, soups, stews, etc.). 

When I first started, I just took the entire tomato and chopped it. I didn't pay attention to what type of tomato I was buying and I wasn't de-seeding them either. I always ended up with soggy tomato pieces. I finally figured out why - when you take the seedy part out the tomato becomes so much easier to chop and dice and it keeps it's structure better. Learning what types of tomatoes go best with what recipes and other food items can become so helpful to understand.

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